Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a looooong, strange trip its been!

Been out of action because of a surgery and recovery. Once a week have been taking classes and finally today hit it up at the gym!

This morning at 7am a very tired yet determined a.m. gym rat completed the following:1 mile elitical level 3 1230min
1 mile treadmill incline 2 1330min
Concurrently completed ladders: (meaning 1 squat, 10 pushup, 2 squat 9 pushup, and so on)
1-10 squats on bosu
10-1 push up knee on bosu
30 second plank feet on bosu

Feels good to be getting back to it! Current weight is sub 140 so I am happy about that, and once I hit sub 130 I will be a little more forthcoming on the specific number ;) I am a girl you know!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not surprised....

Today...I forgot a belt! I packed in the morning instead of last night, which was mistake 1...ran a little late this morning and met a new training buddy at 645. We did three rounds of HIIT and then Tabata This...good stuff. INSANITY time at lunch today :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forget me nots

No matter how prepared I feel the night before I almost daily forget something. A belt, socks, underwear...that was really awkward. I even forgot my darn gym shoes one day and would have missed my workout if not for the very nice lady who let me borrow hers while she swam.

Well yesterday, I forgot my boots and when I was getting ready for work in the locker room, was serendipitiously graced by a fellow gym rat that happened to have a car full of clothes she was donating. And within that stuff was a pair of black boots. The only bad news of this story, was they were a size too big and my feet are killing me. Small price to pay to be graced like that though :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Courtesy of my buddy Don who is now a fitness coach, I have started the "Insanity" program. It is pure cardio hell! Yesterday was the fit test and despite how I felt, apparently I scored fairly well. Super sore today, but eager to see what 60 days of bee bopping around will do for my waist!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lights, camera, ACTION!

I apologize in advance for any redundancy in this post. I am looking back at my declarations. What does each of these things break down to mean? Declaring a goal is one thing. I want action items and milestones to make sure I am successful! Additionally the goals compliment each other and support the primary (#1) goal of losing 20lbs by Aug 3. Makes sense! You would not make it a goal to try every bakery in the city and lose weight, right?

So for each goal, we ask ourselves, how do we get there? Let's create 3 ACTION items for each of the declarations, and MILESTONES to keep accountability

1 - I will lose 20lbs by Aug 3, 2012

A - track progress with once a week weigh ins (I used my fancy iPhone to set up a reminder!)

B - use a daily food journal to see a realistic view of my diet, and how to modify it (Lose it app is awesome!)

C - do at least 20 mins of cardio everyday (I get up early to hit the gym, miss traffic and get it out of the way)

2 - I will drink 64oz of water daily

A - track intake with labels marking off each refill (I use an arrowhead bottle that I know I need 4 of)

B - place a visual reminder in as many locations as possible (I have a sticky note that says "water" in drawers, my purse, my truck, all over!)

C - make it a habit to always order a water with every coffee, cocktail, meal or snack (hey its free too!)

3 - I will train for and complete the WarriorDash on Sept 22, 2012

A - gather friends that are interested and put together a team of players by end of Jan (already much in progress and my friend who is a coach is co-leading the team with me!)

B - register for the event around my birthday (Feb 7) depending on when I am paid, which is Feb 10! Registration is Feb 10 (I need to update the team!)

C - develop a training program (this one is going to take some work!) with my co-leader

Stay tuned for more details, progress and other ways I am making this all come together!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What this rat has been up to...

400k run
21 pull ups
21 squats
21 push ups
33 sit ups (as many as I could do in the song that was playing)

I was pretty sore, not horrible just enough to know I had a good workout. 

3-3.5 mile run
Jogged around the lake with a friend who was pushing a three year old in a jogger stroller. I did not envy the extra weight :) I did enjoy the miles, and the bald eagle perched atop a tree on the path was a treat!

Approx 100 Squats, 40 Push up's and 80 Situps
A zero equipment shortened version of Tabata This. My favorite program to do with a new trainee or fellow "gym rat" (aka workout buddy!) as it really shows capabilities, ROM and skill while leaving you sore enough to only come back for more if you are for real. What is Tabata? Its a style of interval training using a 2 to 1 work rest ratio for 8 sets in 4 mins. In other words, 20 seconds or reps, 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times. The CrossFit name for this program is Tabata This, check out their page for more info. 

I can barely walk, or sit down to pee. It feels good to be sore and it is annoying at the same time. I have lost quite a bit of water weight with all the water drinking and working out. Down 6lbs from last weeks weigh in!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lazy daze

My long standing love affair with the snooze button bit me in the but today! Another (as if I needed it) reason to get up in the morning and hit the gym, avoiding traffic. Ended up taking the toll road just to by pass the other commuters. So tally for today:
I am less a work out, slightly drained from poor sleep and lack of activity and I am out $5 for the toll. Not a winning combo!